88Nine Radio Milwaukee | DJ Bizzon wins “Humanitarian Of The Year” Award

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Since I was kinda left speechless last night, I truly want to thank 88Nine RadioMilwaukee for the humanitarian award. Look, I eat food everyday, I sleep in a place that has a roof and I have a great support system from my family, to friends, to Katie and more. And everyday I’m surrounded by just a small sample of all the talented youth here in Milwaukee by being a part of TRUE Skool, Inc.

So I’m good. I don’t need anymore. And because of how lucky I am, I feel it’s my job to try and help somebody else eat, have a place with a roof, have a quality support system and live happy. That is at the core of my being so for others to see and recognize that is unexpected, and pretty dope. And it’s pretty dope using hip hop as the backbone.

People always ask the question, what you would do if you won the lottery… Well, I already won a long time ago and I’m living it. (And I made the decision a long time ago not to ever make money a deciding factor on my life choices anyway)

This award just makes me want to work even harder and be more intentional so I actually feel like I’ll deserve it one day, because all I can think about are the 50 other people I’m lucky enough to know and/or work with who I’d give it to as well.

And finally, who better to sponsor it than the great people at Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin who I support 100% and have the utmost respect for.

Thank you.

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