DJ Bizzon presents “I Still Love Boom Bap: Part 1”

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Check out the first mix in my series entitled, “I Still Love”.

I see too many debates about the current state of music and how bad it is, and I’m all over here like, “Ummmm, I still love the NEW music that comes out”. So instead of internet debating, Imma just show yall that there is TONS of dope NEW music out there that if you just spend 5 minutes searching for, you will find. All the music from these mixes will be at most 2 years old. And I must say, it was EXTREMELY EASY to put find the music for these mixes.

The series will span hip-hop, neo-soul, slow jams, remixes, etc. but I kick it off with just a taste of the new boom bap that I been rockin’. Listen!