88Nine Radio Milwaukee | DJ Bizzon new on-air personality at 88Nine

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So this may come as a surprise, but as a few of you know, tonight is my last show on Those Hip Hop Guys at WMSE 91.7FM. It’s been a great seven years, SEVEN YEARS, being able to play all the rap music I love on air and being trusted by Tom Crawford and the rest of the team. And shoutout to Timothy Zick for bringing me on in the beginning when it was the Mad Kids and Damon S. Joy for rocking with me since. It’s crazy because the day I officially started at WMSE was the same day I quit my last corporate job and made DJing my full time career, so it will always be special to me.

But next week I start my new radio job on-air at 88Nine RadioMilwaukee. I’m hype for this new position and all the new opportunities that will come with it. You can hear me Sunday mornings from 9-12 and also throughout the week.

No worries for all the fans of Those Hip Hop Guys since the show isn’t going anywhere. Damon will still hold it down with his new co-host ::drumroll please:: Nelly Loop Vigil aka DJ LOOP MKE. Ever since I met her she’s been ALL ABOUT underground hip hop and still is. She’s a dope DJ and she’s going to bring a fresh energy to the show (and of course a name change sooner or later lol). But I couldn’t be more proud and confident to see the show continue with her involved.

Thanks again to WMSE, Tom, Tim, Jordan, Damon, Erin, T-Jams, Barry, Craig, Robert, Jdl, Dmt, all the guests and whoever else I may be forgetting. It’s been too much fun and I love all yall!