DJ Bizzon drops HEADBUSSIN’: The Throwback Basement Party Mixtape

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This mixtape won’t get played on the radio. This mixtape got into 5 fights already. This mixtape cussed out ya whole family. This mixtape won’t get let in on Water St. This mixtape got you kicked out of school. This mixtape got you on punishment and you ain’t even listened yet. And most importantly, this mixtape will have you TURNT THE F@%& UP! All the yams from Lil Jon, Lil Scrappy, Youngbloodz, T.I., Webbie, Gucci, Trillville, Crime Mob and more make an appearance. Listen at your own risk.

#DontStartNoShitWontBeNoShit #BiaBIa #KnuckIfYouBuck #PunkHo #WhoYouWit #SomeCut #ShakeDemHatersOff #WhoRunIt #ThrowSomeDs #NevaEva