DJ Bizzon partners with Hal Leonard to release new book the “DJ Method”

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Not many of you know this, but in late 2018 I was contacted by Hal Leonard aka “the world’s largest source for music publications” to write an instructional book on how to DJ. Hal Leonard has books, lessons and guides for every single instrument you can think of and they’re in schools worldwide. So I took all of my experience over the years teaching the craft and turned it into an easy-to-use beginner’s guide on the art of DJing. It ranges from understanding and setting up DJ gear (whether that be turntables, CDJs or controllers), all the way to blending records, counting bars and BPMs, scratching, juggling, building sets, DJing your own events and most importantly, being creative and original as a DJ. Plus, the book comes with nearly two hours of video lessons that I put together myself. These pictures really don’t do it justice because it’s so fire when you actually have a real copy in your hands

The “Hal Leonard DJ Method” by DJ Bizzon is available on Hal Leonard’s website and literally almost anywhere you buy books (Amazon, Google, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.). It would have been released sooner and part of a bigger in-store roll out throughout the world, but Corona. Hopefully that happens later this year, but we’ll see. So if you’re a new DJ or know someone that wants to get into it, this is for them.

This ISBN number is: 9781540049568. I have a damn ISBN number. That’s wild.

On a personal note, I’m rarely “proud” of anything I do because that’s just not my style really. But this is probably in the top 5 things of my life that I’m proud to accomplish. I never set out to write a book on DJing and wasn’t even that excited about it at first. But once I began the process it became clear that this was something special to me. And lastly, this book is dedicated to my very first educator, my mom, the one and only Diva G. Since she was a lifelong educator and avid reader herself, she was ALWAYS trying to find ways to tie anything I did with teaching and helping others. So, this is for her.